Our home has a fairly large brick patio in the back - about 20 x 40. We also have brick accent strips along the edges of our concrete driveway and a brick parking area to the side of the driveway. I would estimate that the brick has been down for at least 30 years.

With the exception of the parking area which is sagging a bit due to the weight of vehicles parked on it and needs to be redone, all of the remaining brick is nice and level and quite attractive.

What drives me absolutely crazy are the weeds in the summer. I have tried pretty much every home center product I can find to no avail. Sure, the weed die off after the application, but they are back before the next weekend rolls around.

I know the real solution to the problem, but I don't really want to rip up the entire patio and reinstall. Has anyone found a product that works reliably?