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    Question Leak under bath faucet escutcheon

    Help! I have a leak under and around the escutcheon plate of my 5 or 6 year old Delta 4 inch center spread lav faucet. It has caused damage to the vanity cabinet. Whenever water is spashed on the counter near the faucet, it drips down into the cabinet. It doesn't drip down at any other time. I can run water from either the hot or cold side all day, with no leak, but let a little water end up near the base of the faucet itself, and it is practically a waterfall down under! The local plumbing supply store says they can't get me a new gasket to fit, because the Delta faucet #2545-212 came from a "box store" like Lowes or Home Depot, and they cannot get parts for it. Of course, those stores don't sell the gaskets. One place suggested I use plumber's putty, and that did not help at all. Delta is sending me a replacement part, but said it will take 7-10 business days. That means 7-10 business days without a bathroom faucet, and it is already getting a tiresome after trying to fix it for the last 3 days. Is there a secret plumber's trick to keep the water from getting under there and dripping through?? I was tempted to try silicone caulking, but the guy at the plumbing store said I would never get the faucet back off without ruining the counter top. Help! I have no money for a plumber, and this middle aged grandma needs some good advice. The old gasket doesn't even look in bad shape. It also seems impossible to put the faucet on it and keep all edges of the black rubber gasket evenly around the faucet. It invariably seems to slide off one side or the other when we try to put it on. Thanks for your help. My husband is sick of crawling under the sink on his back, and his shoulder is beginning to hurt!

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    My guess is you didn't use enough plumber's putty or you put it in the wrong place. Roll the plumber's putty into a snake larger in diameter than your thumb, you really can't make it to big. Place the putty around the edge of the faucet holes in the sink. set the faucet down into the sink. You will need to hold it and the gasket in place while your husband tightens the nuts. This should squash the putty and should squeeze some outside the faucet. That should seal it so it doesn't leak.
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