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    Default New construction, toilet flushes strange.

    The toilet in my house on the second floor flushes strange. It's a new construction house so the toilet is brand new. When I trip the lever, the water seems to go into the bowl slow, like things are happening in slow motion.

    When it flushes, the bowl fills and the water level rises a little as normal, then the water in the bowl goes down for just a split second and then comes back up quickly. Therefore, whatever contents (i.e. toilet paper) that doesn't catch the jet of water from the siphon jet remains in the bowl.

    The toilet is a 1.6 gal. American Standard elongated bowl with ball and flapper. I've plunged the toliet, adjusted the water level in the tank, checked the holes in the rim to no avail. Does the way the sewer pipe is routed have any effect? I think it goes down from the wax ring about 5 inches and then makes a 90 degree elbow turn to a horizontal pipe.

    I have the same model toilet in two other bathrooms in the house and they flush good. Anyone know what's going on? Thanks.

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    Default Re: New construction, toilet flushes strange.

    Here's an experiment to try. The next time you flush the toilet, instead of just tripping the handle push it down and hold it or lift the flapper manually. If it flushes properly then the Styrofoam float on the chain may be set too high preventing the flapper from opening all the way and is allowing the flapper to close to soon. The float can be moved up or down.
    Another test is to take a bucket and fill it with about 2 gals. of water and dump it rapidly in the toilet, if it flushes OK chances are the problem is not in the drain or vent.
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