Hi all. This is such a great forum. Great advice.
For those of you who haven't read my previous posts, I'm working on an early 40's cape cod style house. I'm starting to re-search having my bathroom re-tiled. It has one layer of tiles through out the hole thing, and I'd like to update it. It's plaster over metal lathe.

I've been told by some that they wouldn't want to deal with demolishing the old tile, and re-plastering the walls. It's a small bathroom about 4.5 x 8 feet. So I'm curious about what you'd suggest for the job.

One friend said he'd tile over it for 5 bucks a foot, another said he'd demo and retile for $500 + the cost of materials.

Which way would you go? Re-tile or tile over on a limited budget? Are there any other projects that I should do while This is in progress? Maybe update the valves on the shower? or...?

The place is fairly original except at some point they added an outlet on a different circuit from the light..

If you're a contractor, what would you bid on a job like this? The tile on one 8 foot wall is 4 ft high, and then the tub side is 6ft or so tall...