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    Default Ductless Air in new Addition

    Adding an addition on to our home. Addition is 2 stories at approx 700 sq feet. Searching for economical ductless air conditioning/heating systems to accomodate the addition. Any advice or experience with these types of systems would not only be welcomed - but greatly appreciated.

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    Sanyo, mitsubishi, LG (I like this one the best)
    Many are good brands-Carrier reps one made by one of the asian co I think they are all asian. LG makes one that looks like it could be part of the wall and can hang a painting in the center of it and is real quiet.
    The installation room is very small but you need good drainage and sometimes the studs are in the way so if you plan to install one make provisions for it in the wall(sleeve or pocket) it has to stand proud of the wall but you need run the pipes behind it and it could be a pain. most have a remote so no need for wall stat although like the tv you may loose it.the line set, pipes, that are on the outside wall are ugly so you should run them through a gutter drain pipe to camo them -its too late when the unit is piped in -but you could slit the cover.The cond unit needs to be as close to the blower section as posible so if its on the front of the house you may want to figure out what wall would be best.

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    Thank you for your reply.
    Have you had any experience with mini-duct systems?

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    I would advise ductless would be better -low maintenence and quiet and easier ,faster installation

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    Ductless mini-split is fine as long as you understand it is not really designed to do more than a single space. You are discharging the air from a single point and if there are several rooms you will not have the same level of cooling or heating throughout. Also, you would need a unit for the first floor and one for the second floor of the addition as a single mini-split would not do both.

    I would strongly suggest you have a professional HVAC contractor come out and make you aware of all your options. What you are thinking of may in fact not be the best system or best value.

    All the best, Irishmist

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