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    Default 3/4 inch plywood vs 11/16 inch

    All of the project patterns I have from Norm's New Yankee workshop call for 3/4 inch plywood. I cannot find 3/4 inch plywood at Home Depot nor Lowe's. They only carry 11/16 inch plywood: anything else must be special ordered with the buyer paying shipping and special order fee. Using 11/16 throws everything off scale. Do you have any majic solutions?

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    Default Re: 3/4 inch plywood vs 11/16 inch

    You're only talking about a 1/16", which is not enough to warrant any overall dimensional changes to plans. The only place where this will make a difference is in the type of joinery you will be using. Dado's will need to be adjusted for fit. With a wobbly or a stacked dado cutter, this is simple. If you're using router bits, then you'll likely have to set up a jig or fence, use a 1/2" rabbeting bit, and make two passes.

    Dowels, on the other hand, can be a nuisance. You will find that the stuff at the big box is from China, which is metric and not "dimensionally true" to SAE. In the case of dowel, it's important to buy American made or at least true SAE if you need tight fitting dowel joints.

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