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    I have serious condensation on all my windows, what can be done to prevent this from happening?

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    try telling it some jokes and tell that serious condensation to lighten up. if it refuses to lighten up open a few windows (after you've wiped them down) and exchange the air in your home a few times.

    seriously, vent moisture out of your home especially your cooking, dishwashing, and bathing/shower activities. if you have a humidifyer turn it down. open your window coverings during the day and close them at night. if you have a fire place, wood stove, or fuel burning boiler or furnace have a tech come in and assure it/they are drafting properly. if you're storing wet wood in the house, stop doing it. if your clothes dryer isn't vented to the outdoors do so, those heat capturing devices aren't safe and dump gallons of moisture into your home. check the foundation look for leaks or moisture sources and seal them. check your windows for drafts if you have drafts (that's a project for the spring) install some of those temporary internal storm window/shrink film kits with double stick tape. if your windows are metal look into internal or external storm windows vinyl or wood framed.
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