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    Unhappy Remove 4" parallel section of tile for plate

    I purchased a house which has 8" ceramic tile on the basement slab.
    I need to remove a 4" wide parallel section in order to place a bottom plate for a 2x4 studded wall.
    I was wondering what I'll need to remove this small area of tile?

    I was thinking on using a dry diamond rotary saw set about 5/16" - 3/8" deep against a straightedge to outline the removal area then using a chisel and a small sledge to remove the tile and thinset from the concrete. I have no clue how to achieve a flat surface on the concrete to receive the bottom plate.

    I may be removing all the tile on either side of the wall in the future in order to install radiant heat tubing. But that's a distant, "budget allowing" project.

    Any accurate, inexpensive, reduced dust method would be appreciated for the entire procedure.

    Thank You,


    P.S. Sorry about using the bath area I didn't initially realize I was in this area. I arrived here via a web search and just posted in the same area as the thread I'd found. Again Sorry!
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