I am desperate to keep my old fixtures, at a minimal cost if possible. I have a 1922 house with wonderful 1922 original bathroom fittings, porcelain sink faucets. I had a frozen hot water shut off and a free turning cold. I got a plumber who removed the old fittings which appeared to be 3/8 ths. However when he went to install the flexible hose it was a smidge too big to screw on under the sink. He went and got a different company and the same thing happened. He has left now, and I have no water to my sink. Also the interior stems to the faucets, the cold has gotten stripped where the washer goes. We went to a local plumbing store that once could get us the replacement parts. They told us they are no longer made but we could pay about $150 and have it made. Is there some place that still might carry these parts? I love my fixtures, and have spent 2 days looking at faucets, and also on line and I am not thrilled with any.