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    Default farm house closet

    I have a home built in 1863 and am very lucky to have a small walk in closet in the master bedroom. I'd like to tackle that closet and make it more useful but I also want to keep it with the period of the home. I don't want to run out and have a "closet system" installed. Any ideas where I can find hardware that is more in keeping with the age of my home? ie: closet rod hangers....

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    You can usually get wooden rods and hardware at the big home centers. Wood is the natural choice for shelving.

    Why not use a modern closet system? They're flexible, easy to install and a very efficient use of space. They also provide lots of ventilation in the closet. And they're flexible and easy to change with your needs. It's just a closet, make the best use of it you can and close the door when not in use.

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    Default Re: farm house closet

    One idea to help it retain some old-fashioned charm… install beadboard paneling. It will make it look dressed up and finished. And since closets are small it shouldn't take a lot of material.

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