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    Default Will Blown insulation harm water pipes?

    I have a section of the side of my house about 8 feet wide and 4 feet high that slants away from the wall as a designer roof and is only about one foot away from the house at the greatest part of the slant. Behind it leads to some upstairs water pipes which can freeze on very cold days.

    Can I blow insulation into that area without damaging the water pipes or the pitched section? There are no vents currently in this area. It is completely closed off.

    My home is in North East New Jersey. This wall faces North which compounds the problem.

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    Default Re: Will Blown insulation harm water pipes?

    Blown in won't hurt but it won't help as much as putting pipe insulation directly on the pipe-that should be done-but if you can't get to them blown in will have to do.
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    Default Re: Will Blown insulation harm water pipes?

    One thing that you don't want to have is water pipes inside an outside wall.... ideally they should be on the inside warm zone .... in our building code water supply pipes aren't allowed inside an exterior wall.

    Adding the insulation to the walls shouldn't bother the pipes.

    However ... adding insulation to the wall cavity still won't guarantee the water pipes longevity since they will still be in the cold zone.

    The foam pipe insulation that John recommended should definitely be used as well .... though you would have to likely open the wall to be able to put these on the pipes. If you open the walls you might as well relocate the pipes to run on the inside.

    Just 2 cents worth.

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