My wife and I bought our home 3 years ago, we were very excited to purchase a townhome in a great community shortly before we married. The townhouse is an end of group and has a beatiful deck that wraps around the house (one of the reasons we purchased the home). Three years later we have a beautiful baby girl and our house is starting to fall down. We have learned that our foundation is shifting and the deck that we love is pulling down our house. We started noticing new cracks in our walls, our windows started leaking, doors are not closing properly, our basement floor has cracks and parts are sinking. We have even had cracks form in decorative plaques we have hung on the walls. We have had several engineers inspect the house and we have learned that this is not a new problem, this is something our home inspector should have caught. We have a huge gap between our inside wall and outer bricks, our kitchen has tile on the walls next to the window and the tiles are falling down and the window will shortly fall out. We cant sell because the problem is so big, we have to take out a loan of more that $50k just to fix it. We learned that if we would have found this a year ago we might have been able to file a lawsuit with the home inspector, but now we cant, insurance doesnt pay for foundation problems and to top it off now our neighbors house is being affected. Does anyone out there have any advice or ideas for us? We welcome any help and support we can get.