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    Question Moss on Bay Window Shingles

    We have a bay window that has a few rows of shingles on top of it. The window faces north and it seems like they never dry out and green moss is always present. I used some kind of cleaner on it once that took it off, but it came back in about two weeks. I don't want to do that whole process every two weeks. Are there any better options?

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    Default Re: Moss on Bay Window Shingles

    Google "roof shingles moss zinc" (without the quotation marks) to get numerous articles & sites that deal with this problem.

    Some sites recommend using zinc strips, copper strips, or zinc sulfate, or copper sulfate, or solutions of household bleach and water, and other remedies.

    Be careful to use a method that will not injure or stain the roof, siding, or window, or harm vegetation below the overhang.

    Some commercial products may be available at HD/Lowes in the garden dept.
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