This spring and summer I will be renovating my detached 16 x 20 garage. Before I start, I have a multitude of questions that I really would like answers to so I can start this project fully prepared. The garage is frame-on-slab as mentioned in my other post on this board.

1: I will be replacing the aging, cracked, split and believe it or not, partially melted vinyl siding. I know that you are wondering so, the partially melted spot is from the previous owner's kid starting a fire in some leaves behind the garage with a magnifying glass.

Before I replace the siding, I want to move a couple of windows and add a few more. I know proper framing techniques so that shouldn't be a problem structurally. The questions on this part are...

Do I need to pull permits to change out the siding, add 1 new window and move 1 window?

What is the best environmentally conscious way to dispose of the old vinyl siding? It is pretty deteriorated and brittle if that matters.

2: There is NO overhang where the edge of the roof meets the wall. Zero! There are also no gutters on the garage at all and no fascia boards at all. The siding simply goes right up to the drip edge. I'm at a loss as to how to correct this.

Once the vinyl siding is off, should I just tack on a pressure treated 1x6 fascia board to mount the gutters to?

Can I cut a hole in the plywood and sister a 2x4 to the rafters so that I can create a soffit and have enough overhang to mount a fascia board and gutters? I realize that the roofing would need to be revised in order for this choice to work and I do have leftovers from replacing the roof 2 years ago.

3: The garage is uninsulated and it also has absolutely NO ventilation whatsoever. There are no soffits, no eve vents, no roof vents. In the peak of summer the temperature in there exceeds 100*F easily. While the siding is off, would it be best to...

add eve vents at the peak of the roof on the front and back and add a solar powered roof vent to the roof? OR

Add standard roof vents?

Spinning roof vents?


4: The water heater for the house is in the garage and, as I mentioned, the garage is uninsulated. There is a water heater blanket around the water heater and the pipes have foam insulation around them.

Should I insulate the walls of the garage to keep the water heater from having to work harder in the winter?

Should I build a closet around the water heater and insulate that?

5: I would eventually like to be able to work on projects in there year 'round so insulating the garage walls is probably the best option for me.

What R value should I use and should I drywall over it?

I know that this is a lot to ask all in one post but I would really appreciate any advice and suggestions! Thanks!