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    Default sagging plaster ceiling

    my 1924 spanish revival home has beautiful hand plastered ceilings and walls throughout. the living rm ceiling (18x12-14) has sagging plaster in two spots with an area of 1-2ft of sag around each. there are cracks as well outside the sagging areas. in the past there was a small water problem, now fixed. we've inspected the other side of the ceiling from the attic and know that the lath is fine. keys appear to have separated from the plaster although the keys remain in the lath. the sag is roughly .5 inch.

    i would love to just re-attach the sagging plaster to the lath using plaster washers and screws but have read ****** that this kind of sag requires complete replacement of the ceiling with drywall. i've seen drywall repair of this kind in remodeled homes and can't say that it looks very good or authentic.

    any advice welcome,

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    Default Re: sagging plaster ceiling

    If you have plaster over wood lath I would suggest reading the following article.,00.html
    The use of adhesives allows the building to move where the use of screws and washers does not allow the plaster to move with the building. The web site is [URL=""] Good Luck, Let me know how you do! R

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