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    Default water marks on log home

    we built our home ourselves about 9 years ago. we had a problem, we thought with one window, water would leak on one side of it and run down the wall when we had strong winds with the rain, or heavy rains. after taking this window out three times, we finally realized the problem was a crack in the log (which we have since caulked numerous times). But the water left an ugly dark water stain on the logs around the window on the inside. I NEED HELP! how can I get rid of the stains, i don't want to paint the logs their too pretty. any ideas?

    need help!


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    Default Re: water marks on log home

    I think the first thing I would likely try is............

    You can probably find the oxalic acid at a hardware store, paint store or big-box near you rather than mail-order. If looking in a hardware store or big box........look for it near the wood stains and such.

    If the oxalic doesn't turn the trick (you may need mulitple applications), then there is another product you can try, but it is much more powerful and will require careful and attentive control or it could bleach the wood lighter than the surrounding areas. It's a two-step hydrogen peroxide wood bleach. If the oxalic doesn't turn the trick, I'd suggest you post back for some coaching/instruction/tips before trying the two-step. Very powerful stuff that can bleach walnut as white as snow.......and frequently catches the uninitiated off guard and left with results much lighter than they desire.

    Make sure what you buy for the initial attempt is labeled oxalic acid and not two-step. Both *may* be labeled as "wood bleach", but there is a world of difference. The two-step will be two-bottles of liquid in a package. The oxalic acid will be a container of crystals to be dissolved in water.

    A picture or two of the situation might be very helpful.

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    Default Re: water marks on log home

    If you can't bleach it out maybe you could paint over that area to match the other logs.

    Or sand it out?
    Debby in Oklahoma

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