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    Default Replace toliet wall valve

    I have a toliet in my house that the abgle wall vavle is stuck shut. When I turn the handle the water does not come back on. I assume I have to replace to wall valve. There is about an inch of copper pipe sticking out from the wall. Can I just unbolt the inside of the valve and replace or do I have to replace the whole handle by cutting it off and replacing it. Please help! Thanks


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    If you buy the guts to it you might as well replace it. If it stuck once it ain't worth the potential fire drill

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    Default Re: Replace toliet wall valve

    I'd replace the operating parts as opposed to the whole unit if it's feasible. You'll probably find it cheaper to buy a whole matching valve from a 'big box' place and toss out the leftovers. My logic is that you wouldn't be asking this question if soldering and plumbing was second nature to you. If that were true you'd already have a new one in there!

    FYI Hint: With any valve you're going to leave open for a long time, don't leave it fully open, but close it slightly and leave it there. That way if you find it sticky when you need to close it later you might be able to free it by rocking it in two directions instead of only one. Many old-timers and steamfitters clued me in on this trick and it really works!


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