In the old days, analog TV and a VCR, I daisy chained the antenna through the VCR then to the TV. Now with two DVR's, a DVD recorder (w/tuner) and a converter box (for the old DVR), I'm using a 4 way splitter, but each port has about an 8dB attenuation through it. Sometimes I get some signal breakup, especially on the DVR's.

When I installed the new antenna amplifier in the attic, I tried daisy chaining them together and bypassing the splitter but I got no signal. Instead of troubleshooting the problem, I just hooked up the splitter again. The next day, I noticed that the DVR's had a button that had to be pushed to get analog pass through.

Has anyone done a comparison of daisy chaining vs splitter?

I did install new higher quality coax cables and that helped with the breakup of the signal. It seemed that I was getting bad reception with 90+% signal strength. My daughter was getting a perfect picture at 60% so I figured the cheap coaxes that came with the units might be the problem. Apparently they were.