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    Default 1901 Walls to be insulated

    We are in the process of closing on the house featured in the December Issue TOH "Save this house" 2007.
    Any suggestions on how to effectively insulate the exterior walls? All the walls have been taken down to stud..exterior is the wood siding only.
    Do we pull the siding off, insulate, then re-install? or is there an effective insulation that can be used without removing the siding, interior installation?
    Mike and Pam
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    Default Re: 1901 Walls to be insulated

    Check into the new spray foam, since all the interior has been gutted they can come in and spray the foam let set up and then you can come in install your sheetrock or plaster board, this product is the best way to go cause it fills in any little holes cracks the foam is forced in with pressure. this way your house gets a well insulated spray. Good luck

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