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    Default How Green are your cabinets really?

    Just because the brochure says your cabinets been been certified by the Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP), doesn't mean that the cabinets are completely free from carcinogenic agents. The third-party program rewards cabinet manufacturers with ESP certification after meeting various criteria, including air quality, resource management and environmental stewardship and community relations. Manufacturers have to be certified annually to maintain certification.

    The marketing of "green" is so prevalent that you have to ask yourself, what is really "green" about this product? There is a great article and discussion going on K+BB Green for a manufacturer's point of view. Not all green certified products are equal. One manufacturer may win accolades for a 100% plant recycling program, which is a tremendous achievement on it's own. But that same manufacturer may still be selling you a product that is built with components made up from VOC's. The danger to the consumer is that if you wind up in the hands of an unscrupulous salesperson, you may be "green washed" into believing your product is formaldehyde free. If you or your family suffer from allergies and are hoping to buy the greenest products possible, researching what that "green" certification label means is essential before purchase. Manufacturers readily have links on their websites explaining exactly what their certification means. Let the buyer educate himself/herself and not rely on the salesperson.

    For further explanation of where formaldehyde and VOC's show up in the parts of your cabinet, read my blog article, "Not All Green Products Are Alike"

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    Default Re: How Green are your cabinets really?

    Considering that I'm going to build my own, I think I can investigate all the materials for "green" practices and select those that satisfy my requirements. I'm also being green with the old cabinets by reusing them in the garage for storage.
    Debby in Oklahoma

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