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    Default leaky shower head

    When you turn on the cold wated in the tub it starts spraying out of the shower. This happens without even touching the shower latch. It makes for a very unpleasant shower in the mornings, even yhough it wakes you up very quickly. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you


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    Default Re: leaky shower head

    My thoughts are: Send the wife in for first shower.

    Is the diverter getting fully opened at the end of each shower so that water will only come out the spout? If it's a pull knob on the tub spout, these notoriously stick in the closed position, resulting in the rude awakening you speak of. If the diverter is a third valve, it's either not getting opened all the way at the end of the previous shower (any young'ns running around to blame? ) or the seat washer needs replacement/attention.

    Hopefully one of these ideas will fix the problem. Ice water down the back of the neck first thing in the morning is no way to start your day.

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