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    Default Virbating ducts after turbo fan install

    I needed to increase my air flow in the house as I wasn’t getting adequate heating upstairs and at the end of a long run, (house is only 5 yrs old with a 90% efficient Armana furnace) since I finished most of my basement I could not use the usual 6" fan boosters to attach to the runs that go to specific rooms as they were in the ceiling that was finished, so I purchased a PowerAir Air Booster Model # 1950103.. Works great and plenty "o" flow in all areas of the house; however, I had to install it on the main plenum run which is under the dining room. The only issue now is the vibration on the ducts that the fan is causing... Is there any way I can muffle that noise?

    Thanks in advance
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    Default Re: Virbating ducts after turbo fan install

    I think an easier solution may be to have the furnace blower motor set to the next higher speed. Your furnace has a multi speed motor possibly 4 speeds but at least 3.

    As for the problem you are having maybe try rubber or foam to isolate the mounting of the fan you installed. It's possible the fan itself is not spinning true and the rubber or foam may isolate the vibration from the ducting.

    Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Virbating ducts after turbo fan install

    Did you or did a contractor put the fan in?
    If the unit wasn't designed to move all the air then the static pressure in the duct may be too hi. second the original fan may be over loaded. The squirll cage fan in the unit is probably over its fan curve(too much air)which will cause vibration. check specs or have it checked.
    Systems are desingned to move a certain amount of air for the delta T or temp. drop over the AC coil and the heat exchanger.If you move to much air over the AC coil you will pull water from thr coil and it won't drain into the pan.

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    Default Re: Virbating ducts after turbo fan install

    Thanks, I'll try for the rubber mount option, as for the second suggestion, I installed the unit myself, its very easy, literally centered the hole cut out template to the venting (which is approx 20 ft from the actual furnace fan) and then using the proper screws, fasten the fan unit into the hole.

    The vibration occurs when the turbo fan is on by itself but the vibration does not increase when the actual furnace fan kicks on.

    The furnace is a 2 stage so when the fan is running to just circulate the air its at the lower speed, but when the heat (or AC) kicks in the fan speeds up to the next speed so I cannot increase the fan speed.

    I'll take pics and send you results of my trials and ideas


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