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    Default Refrigerator side pantry

    Does anyone know of a cabinet that can fit between a refrigerator and the wall. I have seen this cabinet in a magazine, but cannot recall where. It would fit in a narrow space around 12 inches or less wide and as deep as the fridge. It would have slide outs to access the cans and boxes.
    Any help finding this item would make birthday shopping much easier.
    Thank you,
    Lorain, Ohio

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    Default Re: Refrigerator side pantry

    Any custom cabinet shop could make one for you to match the other cabinets in the kitchen.
    If you know what brand the other cabinets are they may have a unit that matches or comes close to your dimensional requirements. We have two thin cabinets for cookie & pizza sheets in our kitchen, although they are base cabinets that are only as deep as the counter and do not come out the full width of the refrigerator as in your scenario. These were models that were available from KraftMaid, one was part of the original order and the second was ordered about 10 years later as part of a re-model. Luckily, they still make the door style and finish so it matched even after all those years!

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    Default Re: Refrigerator side pantry

    Those cabinets are readily available. The hard part is finding one that matches your existing cabinets, unless you know the manufacturer.

    Here's one example. Look at the TPP Tall Pantry Pullout cabinets, available in 3 widths & 3 heights.
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