Hi, My wife and I are doing a budget kitchen remodel. We had decided on using wooden butcher block countertops (1.25-1.5" Beech), but then saw some incredible bamboo plywood (0.75") that we've now got our hearts set on. The bamboo is not cheap, but it is gorgeous.

My question is how do we finish a bamboo plywood surface. My wife does occassionally bake so she wants to be able to knead or roll out dough directly on the countertop.

For the butcher block we were thinking a linseed oil product (Tried & True makes one, as does Ikea?). Would this solution also work for the bamboo?

What if we wanted to do an undermount sink? My guess is that this is not highly recommended, but that at the minimum we'd need a much heavier duty finish.

Does anyone have any experience with bamboo countertops? Or wood and undermount sinks? Any gotchas with wood counters in general?

Thanks, Tony