We are remodeling our bathroom and our designer has chosen to recommend a tumbled pebble floor for the shower. The pebbles are mounted on a flexible, rubber-like net backing for easier installation. I understand they come in "tiles" that would be arranged to cover the floor, and then a special kind of grout mixture is filled in. The special grout is presumeably required so it will fill in smoothly around the non-square pebbles.

I have seen this installed in home improvement shows on television, and I do think it looks pretty neat. We would definitely have a professional do the installation.

My question is this: does anyone have any feedback on the upkeep and wear characteristics of this product? I understand that one has to reseal every year or so, but I haven't found any reliable information on this. I've also heard special cleaners are required, which makes me nervous about using this product in such a high-use area with all the potential build-up / cleaning that happens to a shower floor. Please reply if you have directly relevant experience.

Thank you.