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    Default Pebble "Tile" Shower Floor?

    We are remodeling our bathroom and our designer has chosen to recommend a tumbled pebble floor for the shower. The pebbles are mounted on a flexible, rubber-like net backing for easier installation. I understand they come in "tiles" that would be arranged to cover the floor, and then a special kind of grout mixture is filled in. The special grout is presumeably required so it will fill in smoothly around the non-square pebbles.

    I have seen this installed in home improvement shows on television, and I do think it looks pretty neat. We would definitely have a professional do the installation.

    My question is this: does anyone have any feedback on the upkeep and wear characteristics of this product? I understand that one has to reseal every year or so, but I haven't found any reliable information on this. I've also heard special cleaners are required, which makes me nervous about using this product in such a high-use area with all the potential build-up / cleaning that happens to a shower floor. Please reply if you have directly relevant experience.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Pebble "Tile" Shower Floor?

    I agree. It sounds like alot of work after the installation. The resealing will most likely have to be done by the original installers because of it's limited availability. However, if you are willing to put up with this it does sound very nice. Although I'm not sure how it will feel under your feet.

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