I am challenged with taking a small closet space that is adjacent to a half bath on the first floor of my mother-in-law's two story colonial and turning it into a handicap accessible tub/shower. Plumbing is not an issue as I can either access the back wall of the current half bath plumbing or come up through the floor which is over a very accessible and heated crawl space.

I am trying to stay away from some of the more heavily advertised elder tub products which are distributed locally and seem to want to ransom a fortune (they must be playing on emotional purchases!) I got quoted $12,000 for a unit, uninstalled! BULL!

Can anyone offer some ideas for portable units that can be easily framed in place that have either a low lip for a shower base (if we go the strict shower route) or a unit that is cost effective but has a water seal door for a tub/shower combo?

This is an innovative crowd! Have at it!