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    Angry Pipe noise

    This is strange...I replaced the shower valve with an anti-scald system...simple. Cut the old pipe, put the new valve in and sweat the joints. Works great but when the cloths washer is turned on water leaks out of the shower. The shower is on the second floor, washing machine oin the first floor. Also, when this happens the pipes SING. The singing will stop if I open another faucet but resumes when I turn the faucet off. For the life of me I can't figure out what happened. Any help?

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    Strange---I agree.

    Just guessing here.

    Most anti-scald valves & faucets are designed to react to water PRESSURE DIFFERENCES in the pipes leading to the shower head, not temperature differences (except the real expensive ones.

    Thus when there's a drop in cold water pressure, the spring-loaded valve inside will close off the hot water supply to prevent a scald.

    Because washing machines draw so much water when running (hot & cold, but mostly cold) it's a good possibility the washer cold water line is causing a pressure drop at the anti-scald cold water line, or hot water line; in any event, it sounds like you're getting water pressure interference from the washer.

    When this happens, is the water coming out of the shower head hot or cold???

    You should have shower shutoff valves for just the shower hot & cold water lines somewhere in the back of the shower, or hidden in an access panel, or perhaps even in the basement.

    Next time you run the washer, try shutting these shower supply lines off & see if that clears up the problem.

    if it does, you can install low cost check valves in the shower hot & cold water lines downstream of the anti-scald device.

    Tim Carter of has written several articles on anti-scald valves; enter that phrase in his search box when you get to the site.

    Also Google "anti-scald valve""pressure drop" or "anti-scald faucet" "pressure drop" for more sites & info; (try these phrases with & without the quotation marks).

    Let us know if you find a solution.
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