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    OK, not a rat but a deer mouse. I have a post and beam saltbox with a composite skin made of chipboard 4-1/2" of expandable foam insulation and sheetrock. The insulating values are great it only costs me on avg $183/mo to run my radiant system in upstate NY. Low energy cost is where the value stops, we have been plagued with deer mice and carpenter ants burrowing into the foam. I have trapped over thirty of the cutest little rodents ever. I have refilled the burrows with expanding foam and closed off the old entrances with 1/2" hardware cloth. Several months later I find another burrow somewhere between the minute seams of the chipboard with a pile of chewed foam flecks on the ground below. Carpenter ants also like the foam as a living space. The sheetrock on the inside shows every seam and has 3/4" gaps from expansion/contraction where it meets the timber frame. Any ideas on how to combat this problem? Right now after a four year battle the Foam Rodents team is winning.

    I have considered converting to 2x6 walls with an improved insulation, or just pulling the siding off and wrapping the entire house in hardware cloth. I am not sure what the latest and greatest insulation would be, is there a new product that the rodents don't like and still has the insulating qualities of the expanding foam?
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    I don't know about foam vs. rodents but my aunt is plagued by rodents who like to crawl beneath her tub and die. Last month she learned about spreading used kitty litter near points of entry and that deters the rodents from entering the house. So far so good.
    Debby in Oklahoma

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