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    Default Repairing door dings and dents

    I'm renovating a mid-century house. The doors in the house were constructed well but they've taken their share of dings and nicks on the edges of the door. While I'm restoring these doors I'd like to fill the nicks, dings, and dents in the door but I'm not sure what kind of filler to use, specifically for the edges of the door. I'm concerned that a regular wood filler won't hold up on the edges.

    Is there some kind of epoxy or other high strength filler I could use? I'm going to paint the doors so I can cover up unsightly fillers.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Repairing door dings and dents

    One of the easiest things to do if the edges are all dinged up is rout a " x' rabit along the edges and install filler strips. Make the filler strip slightly over sized and trim flush when installed.
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