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    Default Clearing Underbrush

    We just bought three acres in Kentucky to build a house on. We've cleared what we want for our yard, but left some woods surrounding on three sides. The woods are covered with saw briers and little spindly trees. What's the best way to clear this stuff out, but save the good trees so we can have a nice wooded effect?

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    Default Re: Clearing Underbrush

    The best way ? A tractor with a " Bush Hog " . They will cut small trees a couple of inches in diameter and walk through brush like it isn't there .

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    Hello Folks!!

    I have just the solution for you!!! I have a section of woods on my farm that had some beautiful trees and tons of underbrush including pickerbushes and poison ivy. I have tried clearing the area in the past with a conventional weed trimmer,but the line kept snapping. A brush hog would not fit in certain spots because of big trees. I was about to give up until I found the AMAZING Wheeled Weed Trimmer! This thing cleared out the area with no effort. I call it THE ANIMAL!!!!! It is so easy to use and very resonably priced. They sell for about 300 dollars. Craftsman makes a very good one. It takes regular gas and it uses a a string similar to conventional weed trimmer only it is a much much heavier gage.I highly recommed one!!! It is so easy to use and cuts through underbrush in seconds flat!!!! You will be AMAZED!!!! Let me know if you get one.

    Good Luck to You!!!
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    With higher quality string trimmers you can replace the string head with a blade which will cut through nearly anything you put it to. The weed mower aforementioned is also an alternative, though I don't know how well it would work on larger woody things like sucker trees and such.

    Do be careful when clearing poison ivy and things of this nature so that you don't get the oils of the plant all over yourself or your equipment. Don't burn "poison" brush because oils and resins will be in the smoke and if inhaled can cause serious problems for you or anyone else that comes into contact with it.
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