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    Default Fix all the walls damaged by wallpaper

    My home I aquired is an old farm house that has no less than 10 layers of wallpaper on most walls. I tried getting it off but it is not possable to make the walls straight. Please tell me if there is a type of pannelling or thin sheeting that can go over all the walls and then paint or paper

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    Default Re: Fix all the walls damaged by wallpaper

    Yes. you can get 3/8" sheet rock and cover over your walls. Try and find the stud pattern and nail it to them. Also, use a panel adhesive on the back to ensure a firm wall. The switches and recepticles will need to be adjusted out 3/8" but you could get an electrician to do it if you're uncomfortable doing it. Then you can put any type of finish you like over it. Good luck.

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    Default Re: Fix all the walls damaged by wallpaper

    You can also get 1/4" drywall but it might have to be special ordered.

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