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    Default Attic Insulation Advise Needed for end wall

    Hi again,
    I came up with another question for my attic insulation project. My 1965 brick veneer home faces north. The west end of the home has a triangular gable end vent. I live in NE Ohio and when we have high winds and snow, snow makes it into the attic as shown in the pictures. I recently used marine epoxy and epoxied fine, fiberglass screen over the inside of the vent. now the amount of snow has been reduced greatly, but a fine dusting still occasionally makes its way into the attic on very windy days.

    My question is: My plan was to blow cocoon cellulose insulation in the attic. I however was going to install fiberglass insulation for the first 4 feet beside that west wall because the fiberglass should hold up against the snow better than cellulose. So my question is, in the picture, the original builder laid the original insulation over the 1 inch or so "breathing" cavity between the house and the brick veneer because the space between the first truss and the second is less than the 24" and the rest of the trusses are spaced 24". So, did the builder cover the "breathing" gap with insulation intentionally or was it out of laziness not to have to cut it?

    Should the 1" breathing area between the brick and the house be covered with the fiberglass insulation or open?

    If it should be open, a very small amount of snow/rain may rarely make it into the cavity then because that gable end vent is right there. Is this going to be a problem?

    Should I just lay a 24" unfaced roll over the original insulation leaving the 1" gap covered to prevent any snow/rain from making it into the cavity?

    Any suggestions/input would be greatly appreciated!

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