We moved into a 1976 house in New England this summer. The previous owners decided that venting the dryer into the garage was a good idea. I'd like to fix this and was wondering how long of a span is acceptable to vent the dryer exhaust. If I keep it venting into the garage, I can add a exhaust hose that caries it about 20 feet to the back of the garage to vent it safely outside. I just worry that warm air condenses while traveling that span and will collect water in the exhaust hose (not really a hose - one of those foil dryer exhaust tubes). The only alternative is to turn the exhaust hose immediately as it leaves the dryer (90 degrees) and vent it 3 feet away through the front of the house. There isn't much room to turn the hose and it will likely reduce the size of the opening while turning it.