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    I would like to activate an existing (dog) invisible fence but the previous installer removed the 2 leads from the head-end and with the exception of a few flags still above ground theres no way to identify where the loop is installed.Is there any tests or equiptment for a homeowner to use to check for the location of the #14 gauge wire underground?

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    Some rental houses rent the underground locaters that you might see the utility companies using on the side of the road. I'm not sure of the particular name, but the rental house should be able to help you. I worked with someone who rented on once and we found the wiring immediately.

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    The easiest way to find the wires to start with if the installer removed or hid the twisted pair that connect the transmitter to the perimeter (which would be a very shady thing to do purposefully) is to go to the driveway...assuming that it is poured and that the loop did go around that portion of the yard (typical and a good idea, but not Always the case), then the wire should cross in one of the seams(on a rare occasion, someone will think way ahead and run conduit beneath for the wire, but not often). Once you find the seam the wire is crossing in, you can follow it a few feet away from the pavement into the grass and bring it up...cut the wire, strip the ends and then employ a "tracer" tool of your choosing. There are many professional models on the market for hundreds of dollars, but there is a Wire Break Locater made by PetSafe (owner of a large portion of the electronic petcontainment industry) that is very affordable...just search for PetSafe Wire Break Locater and you should find one for less than most company's service calls. You should be able to figure it out from there. Any questions, feel free to contact me via my website: fencebylance.com Thanks, Lance Sinkowski

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