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    Default Does anyone know the going rate....

    for having tongue in groove installed, varathaned and trimmed out? Or, if you can point me to a website that may have this information, I would really appreciate it. We are installing, varathaning and trimming approximately 720 square feet (including sanding)tongue in groove in a cabin, and I believe we under-bid it!~ We also removed 40 year old windows and installed new one's, put down plywood and underlayment in this 16X16 cabin and are going to install cabinets in the kitchen next week. Any ideas out there?

    Again, thank you for your information!

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    Default Re: Does anyone know the going rate....

    Maybe you should have charged by the hour if you don't know how to price out your work? you should tell your customer what you want per hour and then charge for materials you use on their job. good luck.
    oh also depending on where you live also has alot to do with prices too.

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    Default Re: Does anyone know the going rate....

    I don't know the name of them, but there are books at the bookstore that will give you a basic idea on estimating time and how to cost out a job

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