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    Hey, my wife and I are thinking of putting a dishwasher in our 1940s kitchen. We want to put a new island in also and were wondering if the dishwasher can be put in the island or if it has to be located near the sink. I guess I kind of thought it has to be drained through the garbage disposal, but with these new washers that have food grinders I am no longer sure that is the case. So can I put it in the island and just hook the drain directly to the main drain pipe, or do I have to hook it back to the garbage disposal?

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    Default Re: Dishwasher Location

    I think that the practice of keeping it near the sink is 2 fold. First that's where the dishes accumulate, are rinsed or sc****d before loading in the dishwasher.

    Second. The high connection of the hose to the drain pipe t gives a reverse pressure from the water in the hose will keep the flap from the pump closed. Plus it keeps the debris from getting back in the pump if you install a tall enough loop.

    In retrospect I can't see where a direct connection to the main drain would cause many problems except the flap on the pump inadvertently letting sewer gases back in to the house.

    I generally see things like dish drawers installed in islands with or without a sink. Local building codes will dictate how you can connect to the drain and whether you must have a water source or a gas using device in it such as a range top.
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    Default Re: Dishwasher Location

    disposal required, no.
    practicality regarding sink location, likely.

    air gap/vacuum breaker when leaking or clogged, accessibility to clear clogs makes its desired location in a wet zone with drainage (sink).

    you'll also need a p-trap between the discharge and the main dwv.

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