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    Question No Heat Upstairs

    Hello. I own a 2 story cape with steam heat. My 2 bedrooms on each end of the house get very little heat. The bathroom between them gets heat like its supposed to. I changed the air valves in each room and still sometimes its good and sometimes not. Do I need to adjust the steam pressure? Only one zone for the house. If so, what should I set it at? Thank you.

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    Residential steam systems operate on verylittle pressure, just make sure the water gauge on the boiler reads about 1/2 full

    If the radiator valves are adjustable, turn DOWN the ones in other parts of the house that are getting heat to their lowest setting, and TURN UP the bedroom ones to their highest setting (fully open), and see if that makes a difference.
    If it does, it's merely a matter of adjusting the settings on all the air vents.

    Also, MAKE SURE the on/off valves on the bedroom radiators are FULLY OPEN.

    There is usually also a mainline branch pipe air vent in the cellar on the pipe line that feeds steam to the bedrooms; these are usually float-type.

    Make sure this branch air vent is venting air, then closing, as it should, to deliver steam to the bedrooms.

    If you STILL don't get heat in the bedrooms, try temporarily removing one or both bedroom air vents from the radiators when the boiler is cool & see if that brings heat to the rads when the heat is on; always wear a HEAVY GLOVE when doing this to prevent getting burned from live steam.

    If THIS heats up the rads, there is a wider orifice non-adjustable air vent you can buy to install in the bedroom rads; temporarily replace the removed air vent.

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