Hello all,

I'm currently renting a 1940s house from my cousin for a good reasonable amount of money. But there is a problem. I have an aging Hot water furnace that sucks me dry. I have electric range and dryer. The only thing that the gas is connected to heat the water for the 3 sinks I have, 1 shower the washer and of course my furnace. I've been reading about bleeding the lines but I havn't done so yet.

What I've noticed is that my bill can be up to 200+, the house is one story and only 2 bedroom. I have the thermostate on an interial wall. That ususally reads 68-70, but then I placed another thermomater of the other side of the same room. That is reading 60-62, and no matter if i turn it up to 78 it will only raise to about 65.

I just hope its something to do with bleeding the lines.