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    Default 3 gallon per flush vs. 1.6 gallon

    Is there a retrofit device that mimic's a 3 gallon per flush toilet tank that can be installed in a 1.6 gallon tank? I have a American Standard system. The AS was put in as a replacement on a remodel job of the bathroom. I don't feel like driving to Canada to get a 3 gallon system.


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    Default Re: 3 gallon per flush vs. 1.6 gallon

    Just replace the AS with a Toto unit. Their 1.6 units work very well, not expensive either. Cost about $165 at a plumbing supply, not available at big box (at least in our area). Put in about 20 of them for friends, family, church and never a problem or complaint about having to double flush.

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    Default Re: 3 gallon per flush vs. 1.6 gallon

    My father put in two American Standard "Flush Right" toilets during my remodel. They have had no problems flushing. I also had a Toto before I started the remodel and that worked very well too. Having a toilet you have to double flush isn't saving water.

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