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    Default brick plastered interior wall

    I am drywalling our dining room and our house is a row home. It was built in 1900. my problem is on the interior wall under the plaster is brick. how can i drywall this or how do you reccomend I finish this wall or whole room

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    Default Re: brick plastered interior wall

    You can strip the plaster off and fir the wall out and reboard or you can bond the bricks with bonding agent and replaster it.Just my 2 cents

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    Default Re: brick plastered interior wall

    I'm not sure why you would remove the plaster and replace it. Anything you replace it with will be less durable. All old plaster needs is some maintenance and/or repair. Replacing plaster with sheetrock is like replacing rock with paper.? New plaster while better than sheetrock is not as good as the old plaster which gets better with age.

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