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    Default one more ipe question finish

    Hi All,

    One last question on ipe. Do you think it's a pain to finish ipe with a penetrating oil or should it be left to weather on its own? One of the reasons we used this fantastic wood it that it doesn't need maintance, but one look at it wet and the beauty of it is truly a wonder. Thanks for the responses to my last question. We used a hard plastic bisket with stainless steel screws - seems to be working fine.


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    Didn't see this message until I responded to the other one. We were like you, we loved the idea of absolutely no maintenance, but once we saw what it looked like when wet we decided to go ahead and use a stain/sealer.

    After doing lots of research we decided on a product called Woodzotic. It was just applied last week and so far we really like the looks, etc. We'll just see how it lasts.

    Here is a page with pictures of the deck. The bottom pictures are the ones with the stain.

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