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    Default Knot holes in plywood for second layer of subfloor

    I have picked up some 3/8" B-C rated exterior plywood to add to my subfloor as a second layer before I lay down Ditra and tile. I noticed a number of 1.5 to 2 inch wide 1 ply deep knot holes over the surface of some of the pieces. Is this something I need to address before I started attaching it? Do the holes need to be filled? Should the side with the holes be laid face down or face up and have them filled with thinset and then the Ditra?



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    Default Re: Knot holes in plywood for second layer of subfloor

    The rough side should be face up so the mortar has something to grab on .... the knots shouldn't be an issue with plywood since they will be filled in with mortar for adhering the Ditra.

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