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    Question Vintage Bath

    My mother-in-law wants to install a new bathroom subfloor in a 1930's bungalow home she purchased in 1968. She also wants to keep the free standing vintage bath w/ base.
    Its a nice size bath however, the bath is large at least 6ft (width I am unsure) I don't think she will be able to take the tub out without taking out a wall and she is determined not to have a lip. (raised floor from the hallway into the entrance of the bathroom).

    Any advice as to putting in a new subfloor with this tub?

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    Default Re: Vintage Bath

    ???Hang it from the ceiling joists???

    It sounds crazy, but if the tub really won't fit out of the door & the bathroom is too small to move the tub around while you replace the subfloor in sections, you don't have many options. You'll have a some ceiling damage to repair, but that's minor compared to opening up a wall.

    Are you sure that the tub won't fit out the door on it's side or on end? The feet are removable. What if you remove the door jamb & casings?


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