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    Default Uneven Water Pressure

    My house was built in 1957. Has 1/2" copper tubing plumbing throughout. All in good condition. The problem is, when taking a shower and water is turned on from another area in the house, either the hot or cold water has to be adjusted in the shower. Is there a remedy for this situation?

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    Default Re: Uneven Water Pressure

    You'll have to check the whole water supply piping system and measure the pressure with a psi gauge (should be ~50 psi).

    Psi gauge can be bought at HD/Lowes & fitted with a female hose bib connector that fits on to the outside faucet to check the system psi.

    Have you got at least 3/4" or 1" copper main coming into the house??

    Is the pressure adequate, ~50 psi??

    The copper supply main should be at least 3/4" and extend up to the "cold water trunk lines", which supply all the fixtures (many houses mistakenly use 1/2" copper starting at the water meter & thus have restricted flow problems when more than one fixture is used at once); the takeoff pipes to the individual fixtures can then be 1/2" copper.

    Do you have hard water that might clog the pipes.

    Psi could read OK but there could still be restricted flow in piping due to mineral deposits in main piping.

    Has this been a recent or long-standing problem.
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    Default Re: Uneven Water Pressure

    I have a similar problem, but live in a condo. The strange part (to me) is that my water pressure, from all taps, including the washer is higher on the hot side than the cold. So, when a neighbor flushes a toilet, I get flaming hot water if I'm in the shower. Each unit does have it's own hot water heater, though I claim ignorance on the rest of the exterior plumbing.


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    Default Re: Uneven Water Pressure

    sounds like you need a pressure balancing valve in the shower.

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