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    I've been in my house five years, only the past two have the kitchen pipes froze up on me. The area that keeps freezing is in a crawl space, and of course, the pipes are near an exterior wall. So, this summer I had the crawl space filled with insulation. Alas, much to my dismay, they froze up again the other day.

    I'm thinking the next step I want to take it to get some pipe insulation on the pipes. However, seeing as they are in a crawl space that is now full of insulation, is there anyway to get the pipe insulation without have to tear up flooring or walls to get to them?

    Also, I've noticed that since the hot water pipe has unfroze this time around, the hot water temperature is hotter than normal from the kitchen faucet only. Anyone ever hear of something like that?

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    You must air flow down there make sure the vents are shut and sealed just in the cold months and you will have to remove the insulation to insulate the pipes-you can also install heat tape they sell it at HD or Lowes. Its self regulating and has a tstat that keeps it off above 35degrees

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