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    I am in search of a drum sander and would like some input on which ones to look at. I will be using the sander for cabinetry and furniture. Perhaps even sanding deck boards that are currently giving slivers to my grandkids. Ok, advantages of having a bearing on both ends or cantiliever? 1.5 hp over 5 hp? Will single and dual drums both handle laminate?

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    For the two uses that you gave -- I don't think that a drum sander is the right tool. For the deck boards -- I just had to replace some deck boards, and the work to take them off and then re-install them will be a lot of work! I would get PCs new small belt sander for sanding the deck.

    I don't think that a drum sander makes sense for laminates -- certainly not for the laminate itself, and for the substrait that the laminate fits on -- when I worked in a millwork shop, we used a full sized belt sander with 50-60 grit belt to smooth the surface -- it makes it rough enough so that the cement sticks well.

    For cabinet making -- a belt sander is nice for fixing joints that do not line-up correctly, but I don't own one, and it is not on my list of tools to get. There are other tools that are must have -- and the money that you spend on the drum sander could be put into a better quality "more essential" tool -- jointer maybe if you don't have one?

    Just another point of view ...

    Bob H

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