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    Question New Stainless Steel Sink

    We would like to replace our old 70's coppertone enamel sink with a new stainless steel sink. Could you please give us some suggestions as to what gauge of stainless steel we should install and any suggestions as to a one of two style sink. We have a dishwasher and a garbage disposal that is already hooked to our present sink.
    This is a Christmas present for my wife.
    Thanks for all your help.

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    Default Re: New Stainless Steel Sink


    A stainless steel kitchen sink made from grades 430 or 304 refers to chromium (for strength) and nickel (for sustainability) in combination with the stainless steel.

    Inexpensive grade 430 contains only chromium ----Nickel in stainless steel sinks means less corrosion ---Grade 304 combines both metals. Purchasing a stainless steel kitchen sink with an 18/10 ratio means the stainless steel sink contains 18% chromium, 10% nickel --- a superior, strong stainless steel sink that will not rust.


    The gauge (thickness) determines durability of your stainless steel sink. Purchase a stainless steel sink made from 18-20 gauge stainless steel and stay away from the inexpensive 22 gauge.. (Note: 18-gauge is thicker than 22-gauge.)
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    Default Re: New Stainless Steel Sink

    Thanks canuk. This is a great help

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