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    Default reglazing a castiron/porcelain kitchen sink that dates back to 1915

    We have a 1915 bungalow with a cast iron/porcelain sink that sits between two walls at 90 degrees to the stove, and essentially in the hallway. It is only 22" out from the wall. We would like to have it reglazed not via spray in house but via an expert who would, we are told, take it out of the house and do it right. OF course, if it costs more to do this than to replace the whole sink (replacement would involve finding a 19" front to back single bowl sink and special construction to fit in the space, so not cheap).

    Any leads or advice welcome!


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    Default Re: reglazing a castiron/porcelain kitchen sink that dates back to 1915

    It will likely be hard to find a refinisher that:
    1. will touch a kitchen sink
    2. will remove it to do the work.
    If you can't find a replacement of the same size, then your only other option may be to remodel the space so that current day sinks will work.

    Have you tried visiting the websites of all the major sink manufacturers to see what they have available? Merely going down to the local big box isn't a good guide as to all the different styles and sizes of sinks that are on the market.

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