I have a couple of ideas for gifts for my husband this year but need some advice. First, he has wanted a compound miter saw for some time now and this is the year that I want to get it for him. I am not sure how much he will actually use it so I am hoping that I can get one for $200 or less. I have found them as little as $69 but am afraid to get one that cheap. The big box stores seem to have a decent selection but I don't even really know what I am looking for! Any suggestions/thoughts?

Another item that I would like to get for him is a cordless circ saw. We used a friends over the summer and found it to be great (and that was part of a start-up pack of 5 or so tools for less than $150!). I have seen many in combo packs but we don't need any of those other tools. It seems that HD and Lowes have DeWalt and a couple others. Can you recommend one over another?

Thank you, everyone, for all of your help!!